Norwex… cleaning and disinfecting without any fumes

I received from my dear mother-in-law, for Christmas, some Norwex products. I had heard about these products and seen them for sale at various locations, but have never actually tried them. I must admit, I had my doubts that they were as “awesome” as they were said to be…. but my mother-in-law is a trustworthy woman, so I had to try.

I have the dusting mitt, which is blue, and the glass rag, which is purple. (after you visit the web site the colors will mean more to you.) I tried the dusting mitt first. It worked amazingly well at picking up the dust of all types of surfaces, and I noticed it seemed to really prevent the dust particles from flying around in the air. I dusted my whole house, floor to ceiling, upstairs and downstairs, with the mitt. It worked well.

It worked so well I decided to try the glass rag. I wanted to try it first in my kitchen, on the microwave, ovens, and fridge. The microwave was what I cleaned first, and I did this on purpose, as it is positioned over my stove top and likes to collect grease from anything that is cooked on the stove top. I thought this would be a good product test. It cleaned it, with very little elbow grease, to sparkling with only water sprayed on the surface. The rest of the kitchen sparkled as well as the microwave by the time I was done, so I moved onto the bathroom mirrors. Now, we have six children. Five of them are boys. That is a lot of toothpaste, hair gel, fingerprints, etc on the bathroom mirror so I chose the main kids bathroom to clean first. Needless to say, all the bathroom mirrors sparkled just as much as the microwave by the time I was done, even though I was using the same rag I had already cleaned the kitchen with, and I had only used water sprayed from my spray bottle on the various surfaces. ( I continued to clean all windows in my house that could be reached without a ladder. They all cleaned very well, no streaking or marks, and no window cleaner was used at all.)

Anyway, as I was using these rags, I though of all my lung friends, and the struggle I have heard time and time again of cleaning fumes and the irritations they tend to cause. I got a little excited, as I tend to do whenever I find anything that I think may be helpful, and had to test the product to the max prior to sharing my opinion with you all, but now that I have done so, and “this house is clean”, I can honestly say that this product is something that you may want to check out.

The products are sold via distributors, so I have included the web site here, in hopes that it will direct you to a distributor in your area. If it does not work, please let me know and we will do what we can to find someone to help you.

Let us know what you think, if you try it, and how it goes! Much love to you all. We will be waiting to hear…

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