Do That Thing! You Know, the One Thing!

Well, here it is, time to plan. Have you been thinking of what your going to do this year? What changes are you going to make? Also, what did you do this year that you are proud of, that made you happy? Let’s hear it!

Here is your planning guide… a little thing to give you a little nudge to get to planning, recording, and putting your pen to your thoughts. I have an idea. Let’s plan ONE THING we feel is a crazy thing! I’m not talking jumping out of an airplane crazy, unless that’s your thing, but search inside yourself and find that one thing that makes you scared, and let’s work on it. Maybe you’re scared to share your feelings with someone. Do it. Maybe you’re fear is to wear something new, different. Do it. Or MAYBE you want to go on that vacation you’ve always thought is not possible… how impossible is it? With some planning and work, could you do it? Could you really do it? Look at things with a new set of eyes, a new perspective. Literally, sit or stand differently than you usually do and contemplate things. Hand upside down and watch the flowers grow in the opposite direction. You never know what you may see! #dothatthing will be the way we track what we’ve done, the way we can share what we are doing. Let’s strengthen each other, give courage, and share love! Let’s #dothatthing!

“Do the crazy thing. The hard-to-imagine-but-somehow-you-did thing. The brings-you-to-your-knees thing. The no-one-would-ever-do-it-that-way-thing. The safety-net-would-not-even-matter thing. The it-could-kill-you-but-not-trying-is-another-kind-of-death thing. The thing on your heart. Do it, and let them gasp right before they call it a thing of wonder.”–Ciona Rouse

What’s your thing gonna be THIS year? #dothatthing

Comment below and share, share, share!


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