About the Author

11986551_10206044835174365_8170956785375692410_nDawn Fielding, RCP, AE-C is a licensed respiratory therapist, a certified COPD Educator, a certified Asthma Educator, owner/administrator of a pulmonary rehabilitation clinic, and executive director of Chronic Lung Alliance, a non profit organization devoted to raising awareness of, treatment for, education of, and continued research of chronic lung disease. She has extensive experience working with homecare and treating patients with chronic lung disease is one of her greatest passions.  She has hosted COPD support groups, Sleep Apnea support groups, and Better Breathing Clubs for the last several years. She also serves as the Utah Society for Respiratory Care President and plays a active role in making respiratory therapy available to patients just like you across various platforms. She works with the USRC and AARC on legislation that will improve the wellness of those with respiratory needs as well as working toward cleaner air and lessening the availability of tobacco to youth.

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